Why settle for a ho-hum brand when you can craft an empire? Whether you're rolling up your sleeves to DIY or just scouting the landscape, consider this guide your treasure map to a brand that not only looks fab but also means business.

DIY Website & Brand Guide flatlay of sample pages

Snag your style quiz results? Crank them up a notch with our complimentary guide.


  • Discover Your Brand Identity: Dive into questions that crack open the essence of your brand. No skimming the surface here.
  • Understand the Customer Journey: Get inside the heads of your audience & understand their journey, so you can tailor your brand strategy like a pro.
  • Why Showit, Though?: Discover why we're head over heels for Showit and why you should be, too.
  • Design Basics Simplified: Master the ABCs of design essentials—color, typography, layout—you name it.
  • Strategic Wrap-Up: Seal the deal with a game plan that’s as thorough as it is actionable.

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